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Biloela Local Area

Come, enjoy and stay at the Raintree Motel Biloela and experience our friendly service, and newly renovated rooms. Guests may choose from the following types of rooms, and book online with immediate confirmation.

Greycliffe Homestead

Greycliffe Homestead was originally built in the 1870s and constructed of slabs cut with adze and a pitsaw, rafters were crafted from round bush timber and it featured a shingle roof.

The homestead was owned by the Nott Family, who, whilst residing in the home along with their seven children, renovated it in the 1920s and the shingled roof replaced by a pyramid shaped iron one.

The Greycliffe Homestead was in the Nott family for 100 years, but after the last of the Notts died in 1974, it was apparent that the old homestead could not be sustained in its current location. In 1979, it was relocated by the Banana Shire Historical Society (in two sections) to where it now resides, some 37kilometres away from its origins, on Gladstone Road in Biloela.

Greycliffe has been listed by the National Trust of Queensland as an essential element of the National Estate, worthy of preservation at all costs!

As well as the homestead, there is a blacksmith shop, slab kitchen and a shed housing the bullock dray, tip dray.

Open by appointment.


Queensland Heritage Park

Queensland Heritage Park is situated at the Silo in Biloela, Central Queensland and houses a large array of heritage displays which celebrate our nation’s glorious past, our rich heritage and the pioneering spirit of Australia.

These displays are also complimented by a number of interpretative and interactive displays focussing on the many diverse primary and secondary industries within the Central Queensland Region, and by a collection of photographs and family histories that provide an amazing insight into the cultural and social heritage of Biloela and the Banana Shire.

The Queensland Heritage Park Complex is open daily between the hours of 9.00am and 4.00pm and boasts an array of facilities including the Post & Rail Cafe and the Rural Hinterland Visitor Information Centre.  If you require any further information, please feel free to contact Mrs Cindy Cooper, Manager, on (07) 4992 2400 during business hours.


Sandstone Wonders

Think of Biloela as a pentagon. The town sits in the middle and a different sandstone natural wonder can be found in five directions.

Venture south and you’ll find Mt Scoria Conservation Park, where there’s no disguising its peak against the flat landscape. Known to the locals as Musical Rock, the large vertical shaped rocks at the top of the mountain make different sounds as you pound them.

South-west of Biloela sits Isla Gorge National Park, a rocky bliss 137km from town. But don’t be fooled by the sandstone premise, the jagged cliffs and gorges are covered in coloured foliage all year round, providing breath-taking views from any vantage point.

Head east and you’ll come across Kroombit Tops National Park, the ultimate off-road adventure. Only suitable to seasoned off-road drivers, the tracks take you through bushland, creeks, and rainforest, to the heights of the national park.

Play I Spy in Lake Murphy Conservation Park, where wildlife run amok in this patch of paradise. Spend the night at the peaceful campsites and watch the sunset over the lake. Even, when the lake is empty, this is the perfect tent pitching site. When full, spot water-birds flocking to the cool banks of the lake or see koalas rustle in the trees and wallabies rest in the shade.

Set west on an adventure to Expedition National Park and find its three distinct sections; Robinson, Lonesome, and Beilba Gorge’s. Sharing its western border with Carnarvon Gorge, this national park is filled with sandstone structures.